Investor Communications and IPOs


Building Shareholder Value through Investor relations and Financial PR is all about communications with respective audiences through integration of financial and marketing knowhow .  Whether your company is public or considers and IPO, or preparing to go to financial markets for another reason,  you should put together a executable communication plan that will make your brand more marketable in the eyes of financial community and international media.. This effort requires a right message development process and telling your story consistently in a visionary manner.  Short terms obstacles may exists in your business.  Putting the short term challenges into right perspective and sharing longer term strategy to investors, analysts and the media in a right manner requires extensive communication skills.  While you are doing all of this,  supporting policies and procedures should be in place from internally from corporate governance stand point to be inline with best practices and to protect you from any potential legal exposure.

KOZ Partners can support your investor relations journey through building a sound communications plan,  supporting you while you are executing it and help you prepare underlying internal policies and procedures required by the process.